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Newsletter for Week starting on Sunday 05th January 2020 : Epiphany

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208 Sangley Road, Catford, London SE6 2JS
Fr Antony Megalan Sellam [Parish Priest] – 02086983672
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04thDec / 05th Dec 2019 [Epiphany]

Parish Contacts
Parish Office -  Open Wed & Fri [10am -3pm]
Josepha Flahive  [secretary]
Lisa O’Hara  [volunteer]
020 8698 3672

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
Holy Cross  Bookshop, 020 3441 8240
Holy Cross School
[020  8698 2675]
Miss Mary Collins & Miss Giovanna Finaldi

To buy gifts and  cards, the church shop is open after all weekend Masses.
St Vincent De Paul [SVP]    07835 188411
Safeguarding  Line 07598 524024
Third Thursday Time TTT
Hartley Hall [Angela Allen]
Culverley Road, SE6  2LD

Finance:  £635.89; SO £503
Newsletter matters to be sent to by Wednesday.

this word indicates the manifestation of the Lord, who, as Saint Paul tells us in the second reading (cf. Eph 3:6), makes himself known to all the nations, today represented by the Magi. In this way, we see revealed the glory of a God who has come for everyone: every nation, language and people is welcomed and loved by him. It is symbolized by the light, which penetrates and illumines all things…
In order to find Jesus, we also need to take a different route, to follow a different path, his path, the path of humble love. And we have to persevere. Today’s Gospel ends by saying that the Magi, after encountering Jesus, “left for their own country by another road” (Mt 2:12). Another road, different from that of Herod. An alternative route than that of the world, like the road taken by those who surround Jesus at Christmas: Mary and Joseph, the shepherds. Like the Magi, they left home and became pilgrims on the paths of God. For only those who leave behind their worldly attachments and undertake a journey find the mystery of God…
In this Christmas season now drawing to its close, let us not miss the opportunity to offer a precious gift to our King, who came to us not in worldly pomp, but in the luminous poverty of Bethlehem. If we can do this, his light will shine upon us - Pope Francis.
The Magi - Matthew 2:1-12:
The Gospel of Matthew mentions the Magi who came from the East to worship the newborn Christ child. Exactly who the Magi were remains a mystery. However, much has been written on the subject over the centuries. If you would like to know more about the Magi, you might find the link below helpful:  [sent by Philomena Loughnane]

YSVP Prayer and Food:
There will be a YSVP meeting on Saturday 11th January 2020 at 5.15pm to 6.15pm in Hartley Hall. Planning for future events. Refreshments will be provided. All secondary school aged 11 to 18 welcome. Those wanting to attend Mass after will be escorted to the church by YSVP leaders. Parents who wish their young person to walk home alone after the event, please notify leaders in writing or send a text message to 07894058498.  
There are Spam email messages being sent from a gmail email address purporting to be from Archbishop John; the address is: email asks recipients to reply as he needs a “favor” (American spelling). On a reply the fraudster requests funds in the form of an electronic voucher. Please do not reply to these emails. Diocesan emails, including those from Archbishop John, would be sent via the system.

The next Baptism Preparation Course
is on Saturday 25thJan and 1st Feb at 10am in Hartley Hall. If you have sent in your application, please attend this course. You can only book your child’s baptism once you have attented the course.

Want to Baptise your child?
1. Complete a Baptism Application Form (either collect it from the Welcoming Corner or download it from the parish website)
2.     Make an appointment with Fr Antony and submit the completed form with evidence of Parents’ and God Parents’ religion. The evidence can be either their Baptism/Confirmation Certificates, certificate of marriage in the Catholic Church or a letter from their parish priest.
3.     Participate in the Baptism Preparation Course.
4.     Fix a date for the celebration of the sacrament.
 Receive the Baptism Certificate in any one of the following Sunday

May they rest in Peace:
please pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of Tom Chia whose funeral Mass will be on the 7th January [Tuesday] at 9.15pm, and of Alan Clark who died recently.
Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Business.
Thank you for supporting the work of the safeguarding team during 2019. Later this year there will be changes to how applications are processed. A new system is being introduced by the Diocese. It is imperative that everyone who undertakes any duties within the Parish that involves either young people or vulnerable adults must be in possession of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate authorised by the Diocese BEFORE undertaking duties. If you have any queries in this regard look at the policy document on the parish website ( or speak to the lead person of your organisation or Fr Antony.
Please also be aware that adults should not enter the sacristy before or after Mass unless specifically asked to do so by Fr Antony. Pat Barber – Parish Safeguarding Lead
Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land:
As we celebrate the Year of the Word of God, it is meaningful to make a pilgrimage to the Land where our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed his Good News to humanity. We will Visit Mount Tabor, Cana, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Jericho, Bethlehem, Mount of Olives, Mount Sion, Calvary [Way of the Cross], western wall of the Temple of Jerusalem, Ein Karem, Masada and Dead Sea and so on. Cost from £1,191. Kindly see the Notice Board/Parish Website for more details. Last date to apply is 31st January. Kindly pick up an  application form from the parish office.
Prayer of the Faithful this month:
Franck Anguibi [05/01/2020], Alberto Domingo [12/01/2020], Anne Mellis [19/01/2020], Marie Bernard [26/01/2020].
If you are sick at home and would like Holy Communion:
brought to you, please give your name, address and telephone number to Fr. Antony or Lesley Allen and a Eucharistic Minister will get in touch with you. Also, if you are aware of a parishioner who is housebound or ill please let us know. If you are in hospital and wish to speak to a priest, please ask the staff to contact the Catholic Chaplain.
Pray for the sick:
Let us pray for the sick including Pat Doyle, Gloria Israel, Mariam Philomin, Rose Calver, Charlie Hyam, Joan Laughnane, Agatha Lewis, Myra Hannon, Elizabeth Goba, Florence Nosgobie, Gala Lobo and Ann Whitington.

Meet Fr Antony without an appointment on Monday 9.45am to 11.45am and Friday from 5pm to 6.30pm.

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