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Newsletter for Week starting on the 16 September 2018: 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

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208 Sangley Road
Catford, London, SE6 2JS
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Part of RC Archdiocese of Southwark
Registered charity number: 1173050
Parish Priest: Fr Doug Bull
Monday-Thursday: 9.15am
Friday 8pm
Saturday:  6.30pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: 10.00am & 11.30am
Reconciliation: Saturday 6pm
Culverley Road, SE6 2LD
Tel: 020 8698 3672
The Community of Ahotokurom, Ghana.
Mrs Mary Baldwin
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Headteacher: Miss Mary Collins
Tel: 020 8698 2675  Fax: 020 8697 7137
Email :
Website :
St Vincent De Paul Number     07835188411
Safeguarding Line                    07598524024
Special Ministers of Holy Communion
This weekend  3rd  Sunday  (15th / 16th  Sept)
6.30pm Pat Healy, Bridgette Laing, Chris Joyce.
1) Jenushan Justin, 2) Reuben Gabriel, P) Maureen Gabriel
10am Gwen Williams, Marian Perez, Francisca Dunbar, Elena Travers, Marco Munoz.
1) Gillian Yhip, 2) Christine Ukah P) Bina Augustin
11.30 Bernadette Jeyachandra, Phil Loughnane, Paul Njoku, Vacancy, Vacancy.
1) Ronald Jeyachandra, 2) Mervlyn Clark, P) Brian Trevathas.
Next weekend 4th   Sunday   (22nd / 23rd Sept )
 6.30pm Neville Fernandes, Beatrice Orodje, Prexy Rajendram
1) Brendan Downton, 2) Isabella Van Schslwyk P) Margaret Folkes
10am Dilys Grant, Shirley Lench, Phil Umerah, Wendy Abiola, Sam Jayakaram.
1st Millie Lemonius, 2nd Mase Okor, P Catherine Sanderson
11.30am Frank Afful, Kate Middleton, John Ogunbadawa, Vera Onongaya, Victor Santhiapillai.
1) Petrina Douglas, 2nd  Rosa Candita Simpkins, P Vacancy
FINANCE                            £1225.10
Catholic Education Service   £52.22   Many Thanks
Sat       6.30  
Sun      24thSunday of Ordinary Time
           (15th/16th Sept)
           10.00 Mary Monaghan RIP (Monaghan)
           11.30 Henry & Eileen Killick RIP (Killick)
           11.30 Welcome Reymo Maria Finaldi  
           12.30 Baptism   Reymo Maria Finaldi  
Mon     9.15 Virginia T de Sousa do Rosario Dias (A.S)
                   Michael McIrennan (D.B)
          9.40 Rosary
Tue      9.15 Virginia T de Sousa do Rosario Dias (A.S)
                    Michael McIrennan (D.B)
           9.40 Rosary
Wed     8.50 Rosary
           9.15 Vacant                 A.S
                   Private Intention  D.B
9.40 Divine Mercy
Thur    Sts Andrew Kim Tae-gon and Paul Ha- sang, and Companions, Martyrs             
           9.15 Vacant                   A.S
                   Private Intention    D.B
           9.40 Rosary
Fri        7.30 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
           8pm Mina Bernardi RIP  
Sat       6.30  
Sun      24thSunday of Ordinary Time
(22nd/23rd Sept)
           10.00 Irene Sinclair TG (Williams)
           11.30 Francesca C Simpkins RIP  
Please pray for those whom our Ministers visit with HOLY COMMUNION:
Clifford Aristide, James Barlow, Mary Barry,  Rose Calver, Margaret Doherty, Bridget Doyle, Ellesdene Edwards, Eileen Embury,  Audrey Fitsimmons, Elizabeth Marie Forde,    Elizabeth Goba, Theresa Harney, Peter Hughes, William Keogh,  Agatha Lewis, Gala Lobo, Anthony Marshall,  Ivy Mulroney, Susan Murphy,   Florence Nosegbe, Eleanor Martin, Mabel Martin,  Charity Oparaji,  Rex Phillips, Anthony Renouf, Casimar Santhiapillai, Jean Scott, Irene Stone, Bridget Sullivan, Genevieve Stanislaus, Vera Pollock, Sheila Tagg, Patricia Vesey, Ann Whitington,
Fr. ANTONY – UPDATE Fr. Antony has had an accident whilst on holiday in India and has sustained  some fractures. He is not fit to fly at present. He is hoping to have the casts removed on 10th October and all being well, hopes to be fit to fly home then. His arrival in Catford has therefore been delayed. Please pray for a speedy recovery, more news later.
PARISH REGISTRATION Have you completed a form for you and your family yet? (Go to the Parish website to do so)
The closing date for applications is the 17th September Application forms are available at
LEWISHAM DEANERY SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE The second event in our Deanery Spiritual Pilgrimage takes place on Thursday 11th October 7.30-8.30pm, at Holy Cross Catford, with a short prayer session around Mary the Mother of God, followed by refreshments in Hartley Hall. Do please come and join us and parishioners from around the Deanery. Details of the November event will be available soon. The December event will be when the deanery gathers for the Advent Penitential Service at St Saviours at 11.30am on 15th December.
RCIA STARTS MONDAY 1ST OCTOBER  AT 7.30PM in Hartley Hall. For all those who are interested in finding out more about our faith and joining the Catholic Church. Please encourage friends, relatives and acquaintances to come and find out more. Of especial interest to those who have been away from the Church and want to find their way back again and return to the practice of their faith. Visit the parish website to find out about the RCIA and download an application form or email
Come Home Prayer
Loving Father,
We pray for those who have been baptised but who no longer, or rarely, attend Church; that they will understand and experience in their hearts that Christ is the source of unconditional love and reconciliation.
We pray for everyone who worships in our parish community; that we may find the right words and means to invite our absent brothers and sisters to return to the practice of their faith.
EXTRA ORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION. If you are an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and have never attended a Diocesan Commissioning Day and received a certificate, then the next commissioning day takes place on Saturday 13th October 2018 from 10.00am concluding with Mass at 2.30pm at: Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George Lambeth Road, Southwark, SE1 6HY. Please let the Parish Office know by Monday 1st  October.
On 16 September, the Catholic Church celebrates Home Mission Sunday. It's an opportunity to inspire Catholics and help them to engage with the mission of the Church, whilst supporting the work of the Home Mission Office. This collection supports the national work of the Bishops for Evangelisation. It provides the bishops of England and Wales with resources to support the Home Mission, the spread of the Gospel in our own country. The money collected enables a breadth of work to be done in support of parish evangelisation.
Saturday 22nd September. This Day is for all the Catechists of the diocese, including those involved in Children’s Liturgy of the Word and the RCIA process. If you are a Catechist and have never attended one of these annual days please contact the Parish Office to book a place.
Our Holy Cross Parish Beaver and Cub Scout groups will be meeting again this Monday in the school hall.  Places are available for new members.  Beavers are ages 6-8 and meet from 3:30 to 4:30.  Cubs are ages 8-10 and meet from 6 to 7:30.  To express interest in joining or for further information on the group call Heidi on 07778 354712 or email
TTT Third Thursday Time
Mental wellbeing for all, this Thursday, 20th September. Cafe, Singing, Arts & Crafts, Book Swap, Hand Massage, Space for Reflection PLUS African Dancing for fun and fitness and Mindfulness Session. ALL welcome.
Gospel Reflection.
St. James asks what our love for Jesus Christ can possibly mean if it does not result in action on behalf of, and to benefit, our neighbour. He suggests that faith in Jesus Christ is demonstrated most profoundly in our care for the needy, the suffering, and the underprivileged. Stewardship includes proclaiming the Good News by putting our faith into action on behalf of others. In what ways have we been willing to make sacrifices and renunciations for the sake of Jesus Christ and our neighbour?
Fill my house unto the fullest,
Eat my bread and drink my wine,
The love I bear is held from no one;
(Refrain)All I own, and all I do, I give to you
Take my time unto the fullest,
Find in me the trust you seek,
And take my hands to you outreaching...  (refrain)
Christ our Lord with love enormous
from the cross his lessons taught
-to love all men as I have loved you... (refrain)
Join with me as one in Christ-love.
May our hearts all beat as one,
And may we give ourselves completely... (refrain)

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