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Newsletter for Week starting on the 23rd September 2018 : 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

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208 Sangley Road
Catford, London, SE6 2JS
                                                           Tel: 020 8698 3672
Part of RC Archdiocese of Southwark
Registered charity number: 1173050
Parish Priest: Fr Doug Bull
Monday-Thursday: 9.15am
Friday 8pm
Saturday:  6.30pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: 10.00am & 11.30am
Reconciliation: Saturday 6pm
Culverley Road, SE6 2LD
Tel: 020 8698 3672
The Community of Ahotokurom, Ghana.
Mrs Mary Baldwin
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Headteacher: Miss Mary Collins
Tel: 020 8698 2675 Fax: 020 8697 7137
Email :
Website :
St Vincent De Paul Number
Safeguarding Line
Special Ministers of Holy Communion
This weekend 4th   Sunday   (22nd / 23rd Sept)
6.30pm Neville Fernandes, Beatrice Orodje, Prexy Rajendram
1) Brendan Downton, 2) Isabella Van Schslwyk P) Margaret Folkes
10am Dilys Grant, Shirley Lench, Phil Umerah, Wendy Abiola, Sam Jayakaram.
1st Millie Lemonius, 2nd Mase Okor, P Catherine Sanderson
11.30am Frank Afful, Kate Middleton, John Ogunbadawa, Vera Onongaya, Victor Santhiapillai.
1) Petrina Douglas, 2nd  Rosa Candita Simpkins, P Vacancy
Next weekend 5th Sunday 29th/ 30th September)
6.30pm Mariam Philomin, Bridgette Laing, Chris Joyce.
1 )Pat Barber 2) Rubi Erangey P Rahel Leul
10am. Joe Baptiste, Caroline Cleary, Francesca Dunbar, Dilys Grant , Eta Engobeh
1), Francesca Savanmut 2) Ben Travers P Diane Ukah
11.30. * VACANCY, * VACANCY, John Ogunbadawa, John Walsh, Franck Anguibi
1)Vacancy, 2), Dillon Augusti P).Vacancy
FINANCE                            £1189.60
Home Mission Sunday   £153 Many Thanks
Sat      6.30
Sun    24th Sunday of Ordinary Time
           (22nd/23rd Sept )
           10.00 Irene Sinclair TG (Williams)
           11.30 Francesca C Simpkins RIP
Mon    Our Lady of Walsingham
           9.40 Rosary
Tue      9.15 Margaret Harvey RIP
           9.40 Rosary
Wed     8.50 Rosary
9.40 Divine Mercy
Thur   St Vincent De Paul, Priest.
           9.15 Marie Lydia Joseph TG (Joseph)
           9.40 Rosary
Fri        7.30pm Exposition of the Blessed
           8pm Seamus & Margaret Kelly TG
                   50th Wedding Anniversary (Mullarkey)
Sat       6.30 Vako RIP (Anguibi)
Sun      Sunday of the Year (29th/30th Sept)
           10.00 Donald Simpson RIP
           11.30 People of the Parish
Please pray for those whom our Ministers visit with HOLY COMMUNION:
Clifford Aristide, James Barlow, Mary Barry,  Rose Calver, Margaret Doherty, Bridget Doyle, Ellesdene Edwards, Eileen Embury,  Audrey Fitsimmons, Elizabeth Marie Forde,    Elizabeth Goba, Theresa Harney, Peter Hughes, William Keogh,  Agatha Lewis, Gala Lobo, Anthony Marshall,  Ivy Mulroney, Susan Murphy,   Florence Nosegbe, Eleanor Martin, Mabel Martin,  Charity Oparaji,  Rex Phillips, Anthony Renouf, Casimar Santhiapillai, Jean Scott, Irene Stone, Bridget Sullivan, Genevieve Stanislaus, Vera Pollock, Sheila Tagg, Patricia Vesey, Ann Whitington,
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Josephine Patterson.
The funeral will be here on Friday 12th October at
12.30pm. May she rest in peace.
FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS for Fr. John Mulligan at St Teresa of the Child Jesus, 250 Bishopsford Road, Morden SM4 6BZ
Reception 7pm on Monday 1st October and Requiem Mass Tuesday 12 noon on 2nd October.
If there is sufficient interest we will see about hiring a coach (£10 a head).
If you are interested please put your name and contact details on the list at the back of the church. Check the following website for full information
Is making a good recovery and he is due to say his first Mass here on Friday 12th October.
Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Welcome to Canon Joseph Collins who will be covering Holy Cross at the week ends over the coming weeks.
Welcome to Fr. Joseph Feeley who will be celebrating Mass during the week.
DMJ Friends of Ahotokurom are holding a mass to celebrate 21 years of support for Ahotokurom. Mass is 2pm on Saturday 29th September – all are welcome to join for the mass. Sorry, tickets for the afternoon tea afterwards are now all booked – entry is by ticket only. Dr Mark Mantey will also be speaking at all masses over the weekend of 29th/30th and will update us on the work that has been achieved through the support of Holy Cross parishioners.
Please ensure that your family has registered on the Parish Website. Once you are registered school forms will be checked against the signing in registers and Fr. Doug will be able to sign them.
PARISH REGISTRATION Have you completed a form for you and your family yet? (Go to the Parish website to do so)
LEWISHAM DEANERY SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE The second event in our Deanery Spiritual Pilgrimage takes place on Thursday 11th October 7.30-8.30pm, at Holy Cross Catford. With a short prayer session around Mary the Mother of God, followed by refreshments in Hartley Hall. Do please come and join us and parishioners from around the Deanery. Details of the November event will be available soon. The December event will be when the deanery gather for the Penitential service at St Saviours on 15th December at 11.30am.
RCIA STARTS MONDAY 1ST OCTOBER AT 7.30PM in Hartley Hall. For all those who are interested in finding out more about our faith and joining the Catholic Church. Please encourage friend’s relatives and acquaintances to come and find out more. Of especial interest to those who have been away from the Church and want to find their way back again and return to the practice of their faith. Visit the parish website to find out about the RCIA and download an application form or contact .
EXTRA ORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION. If you are an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and have never attended a Diocesan Commissioning Day and received a certificate, then the next commissioning day takes place on Saturday 13th October 2018 from 10.00am concluding with Mass at 2.30pm at: Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George Lambeth Road, Southwark, SE1 6HY. Please let the Parish Office know by Monday 1st  October.
The Catholic bishops of England and Wales are meeting with Pope Francis this coming week to report on the state of their dioceses. Please keep them in your prayers as they report to Pope Francis on the state the Catholic faith in our country.
The summit of the Ad Limina is the encounter with the Pope which, up until recently, saw the Roman Pontiff read out a speech to the assembled bishops. But in order to foster a greater sense of collegiality, Francis has changed the procedure of these gatherings which sees him draw up a chair and sit alongside the bishops gathered around him. This allows for a free-flowing discussion where bishops can ask questions and Francis replies off the cuff.
Please come along for discussion & breakfast! All are welcome. Thursday Mornings 10:30am - 12:00pm in Hartley Hall. It would be lovely to see new faces.

In today’s Gospel, we learn that the disciples of Jesus had been discussing among themselves who was the greatest. Jesus is about to turn their idea as well as our society’s idea of “greatness” upside down. He embraces a child and tries to help the Twelve understand that to be great
is to be focused on something other than themselves. Jesus teaches that true “greatness” lies in being a good steward of those who are not great: welcoming one who is not viewed as great by our society’s standards, like the child, the innocent, the vulnerable, the suffering, those who are outside our comfortable circle of family, friends, companions and colleagues, those who need a welcome. Jesus redefines our notion of greatness. How do we define greatness? Is our notion of greatness consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ?

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