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Newsletter for Week starting on the 28th July 2019 : 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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27th/28th July 2019 [17th Sunday in Ordinary Time C]                                                                       
HOLYCROSS CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                
208 Sangley Road
London, SE6 2JS
Tel : 020 8698 3672
Parish Secretary : Lisa O’Hara (volunteer)
Office hours : Open Weds 10am-1pm

Fr Antony Megalan Sellam
Parish Priest
Parish email :
Parish mobile:  07367 426492

Please join
Rosary:Mon Tues Thurs 9.40am  / Wed 8.50am
Chaplet of Divine  Mercy: Wed 9.40am
Parish Surgery Fri 6 pm
Confessions: Sat 6 pm

Parish Contacts

Holy Cross Bookshop
4 Brownhill Road, Catford
Tel: 020 8461 0896

[020 8698 2675]
Executive  Headteacher: Miss Mary Collins    
Head  of School: Miss Giovanna Finaldi

St Vincent De Paul 07835 188411
Safeguarding Line 07598 524024
Third Thursday Time TTT

Hartley Hall
Parish Community Centre
Culverley Road, SE6  2LD

Send  matters for Newsletter to  by Wednesday

Finance: Loose £596.90   SO: £503.00
The Most Reverend John  Wilson  - the New Archbishop of our Diocese
[His Homily  for the Mass of Installation as Archbishop of Southwark, 25  July 2019]
…Ever since my episcopal ordination in 2016, and  particularly in recent weeks, I’ve found myself asking the question: What  does it mean to be a Bishop? …As the Bishop of Santiago de Maria, St Oscar  Romero wrote a short article about the bishop’s ministry. Quoting his friend,  Cardinal Pironio, he said this: ‘A bishop can communicate the things of God  and interpret human history and human problems  only in terms of the depth of faith…He is simply a man of God in the service  of all his brothers and sisters…’ He continued: ‘A bishop is essentially a  pastor, a father, a brother and a friend. He journeys with other people, sows  hope along their path, shares their sorrow and joy, urges them to seek peace,  […] justice and love, and teaches them to be brothers and sisters…’ These are  wise words which I take to heart today…
Shortly after my nomination as Metropolitan  Archbishop I had the enormous privilege of travelling to Rome to receive the  Pallium from Pope Francis. … The Pallium reminds me to exercise my ministry  with the heart of the Good Shepherd. Without exception, I must care for those  the Lord entrusts to me, looking out especially for the lost, the broken, and  the wounded, lifting them up and carrying them home. Someone once commented  that it would be ridiculous for a shepherd to leave the whole flock in search  of one sheep who’s gone astray. Ridiculous, of course, unless that one sheep  is you or someone you love. As bishops, priests, and deacons, we share the  special responsibility for shepherding the hundred, not just the ninety-nine…
Family Fun Days – for Families Once schools break up the summer holidays can be a very long and isolating period for families. To help families, Holy Cross and St Andrews are running 4 Family Fun Days 11am – 3pm, during the holidays on 6th +13th  August at St Andrews Church Hall, Sandhurst Road, Catford SE6 1XD.  A coach trip to the seaside on 22nd August and a Day out in a local Park on 29th August.

All events are free, lunch and drinks will be provided. Children need to be accompanied by an adult aged 18 and over. If you are interested in any or all events, please email or come along to the first session on 6th August at 11am to register.
Family Fun Days – for Parishioners
We are particularly relying on your help and support by:
§ Volunteering to be a helper at one of the events, for the day or part of the day.
§ Donating: refreshments e.g. squash, juices, biscuits,   crisps, fruit, pre-wrapped individual items.
§ Offering to run an activity on 6th or 13th, e.g. art/craft,pampering (for parents), bingo, disco.
§ Providing funds to support the venture.

Requiem Mass: Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of Elizabeth Edward.  Please also pray for Catherine Ndeley whose funeral Mass will be on Friday 23 August at 12.30pm. We also pray for these families at this difficult time.

Parent and Toddler Group is in need of two volunteers to assist from September.  The group meets on Mondays (9 – 11.30am) and Wednesdays (9 – 11.30am) term time only.  This is a well established group that not only benefits Holy Cross but also the wider community.  Eileen would love to keep this great group open but sadly without the assistance of volunteers, the group will have to close.  Those interested, please kindly contact Fr Antony.

First Holy Communion 2020: Application forms for preparation for First Reconciliation and Holy Communion are now available at the back of the church, or on the parish website. Closing date 9th September 2019

St Alban’s Cathedral will be our next destination for our ecumenical pilgrimage next year!!!

Meet our Parish Priest without an appointment on Friday from 5.30pm.

RCIA Programme (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), starts again on 29th September at 7.30pm in Hartley Hall
Are you interested in finding out more about our Faith and joining the Catholic Church please come and see if this is for you. If you are a parishioner, be brave, invite friends, family members and acquaintances to take the opportunity to look at their lives and maybe find some answers to the big questions. Be extra brave, come with them to support them. Come and see!
A very warm welcome is also extended to those who have been away from the Church and feel they might like to begin the journey back to the practice of their faith. If you are interested please speak to Fr Antony or look at the parish website on the form page - [] - to find out more about the RCIA and download the application form. You can also contact
Newsletter matters to be sent to by Wednesday.

The Holiday Season: Many people will be going away on holiday. If you are a reader or Lay Minister of Communion, please remember to plan ahead and arrange a substitute for your absence. Many thanks.
Legion of Mary: The Legion of Mary from Lewisham will be holding its meeting on Fridays at 6:30pm in Holland room, Hartley Hall. All parishioners who wish to become members of the Legion of Mary are warmly invited to join.
Pray for the sick: Let us pray for the sick including Mariam Philomin, Charlie Hyam, Rose Calver, Agatha Lewis, Elizabeth Goba, Florence Nosgobie, Gala Lobo and Ann Whitington.  
Whatsapp for the University Students from Holy Cross Parish
Growing up can be difficult, especially your first steps as this will be a moment where you may encounter new experiences in which your faith may be tested. This is why we believe it is important as young people we can support each other and grow even fonder of our faith whilst exploring the world . Therefore, our parish priest asked me to create a group which will be eligible for all young people within this parish who will be attending university this year and current university students of this parish.
This will be a social chat group where you will be comforted, reassured and gained a deeper understanding that you are not alone in any challenging situation - Marie-Catherine Kodjo.  Kindly contact 07578777461 or 079207 485934 to include your name.

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