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Sunday 17th Oct 2021 : 29th Sunday in Ordinary time

Published by AFAN in News · 16 October 2021

208 Sangley Road, Catford, London SE6 2JS
Fr Antony Megalan Sellam [Parish Priest] – 02086983672
Email: antonymegalan@rcaos.org.uk or catford@rcaos.org.uk     
Website: www.holycross-catford.org.uk

Parish Contacts
Parish Office is Open
(Monday and Friday)
10am - 3pm
020 8698 3672
Josepha Flahive  
Lisa O’Hara  

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
Holy Cross  Bookshop, 020 3441 8240

Holy Cross School
[020  8698 2675]
Miss Mary Collins

St Vincent De Paul [SVP]    07835 188411
Safeguarding  Line 07598 524024
Pat Barber and Kate Cleevely - catfordsg2@safeguardrcaos.org.uk
Third Thursday Time TTT
Email: thirdthursdaytime@gmail.com
Hartley Hall [Tony Early]
Culverley Road, SE6  2LD

Newsletter matters to be sent to antonymegalan@rcaos.org.uk by Wednesday

Sunday 17th Oct 2021 : 29th Sunday in Ordinary time

You can find the Readings from here

SYNOD 2021-2023 For a Synodal Church

Pope Francis has called upon Catholics across the whole world to thoughtfully consider our own personal experiences of three areas of Catholic Life - Communion, Participation and Mission.

We are asked to take time to Listen to one another, to Share our own life experiences and to Reflect on them, so as to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying to us as a community. This listening and reflecting exercise will be going on all over our diocese.
Each parish will feed their response to the archbishop and further dissemination and reflection will take place in 2022 with a coming together of bishops from all over the world in Rome in 2023.

Speaking last week Pope Francis called for a Church which is able to listen, becomes immersed in people's lives.
Parish Listening, Sharing Reflecting Meetings (All meetings in Hartley Hall) In order to allow as many opportunities for you to participate and contribute the following sessions have been organised. Do please take time to look at the questions below and come to one of the sessions, your voice, your personal experience is an important part of this process.

1. What are the ways in which our parish most successfully brings people together?
2. Christ is present as the head united to his body (Ephesians 1:22-23) in our parishes and communities.
How is this reflected in your parish/community life?Are there other reasons that you gather together?

1. Reflecting on 16 months of the pandemic, how has participation in our parish been affected? Were these issues there before?
2. How can we better enable full participation and co-responsibility in the life of the Church at the parish and diocesan levels?

1. Are we looking in or are we looking out, as a parish community? Can we do both effectively?
2. How does the life of the Parish, in terms of catechesis, adult formation, liturgy etc., aid in the formation of parishioners as Missionary disciples?

This Sunday, 17 October 2021, Archbishop John Wilson will launch the Synodal Process in Southwark with a livestreamed Mass at St George’s Cathedral
(10am – link here: https://youtu.be/aiCHG9JuqaY).

Dates of Meetings [on Synodal Church]
30th October, Saturday, 10am [Ossie Folkes and Sam Duncan]
5th November, Friday, 9am [Catherine Sanderson & Liz Hubbard]
7th November, Sunday, after 9am Mass [Nick & Rachael Wibberley]
12th November, Friday, after 7pm Mass [Giovanna Finaldi and Simon Finaldi]
14th November, Sunday, after 11.30am Mass [Fr Antony]
16th November, Monday, 8pm via Zoom, Id: 7578777461; password: 20212021

Fr Antony

  • Please Remember: The month of October is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary

  • Mass Collection Last Weekend : £639. Thank you

  • Holy Cross Manna Mission: As we plan to begin our Manna Mission in our parish in November, all who have given their names to help are requested to gather in the Hall after the 11.30am Mass on Sunday 24th October. It becomes a need of the time. The rising energy bills and food prices, and the cuts in universal credit, unemployment...fills the life of poor families with much suffering. As the furlough scheme is over now, the effects of the Pandemic is felt in those families who are in need. We need to do something in our parish/society. Please do join the meeting and share your opinions.

  • We plan to begin the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass every Tuesday from this Advent.                                                             
  • Parish Surgery: This coming week the Parish Office will be open on Tuesday and Friday, 10:00am to 3:00pm

  • The Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver wish to thank all the parishioners of the Holy Cross Catholic Church, for their generous giving towards the sale of their Mission Calendar 2022. Your generosity amounted to £474.58. They are very grateful for your support and may God reward you all.

  • RCIA: Welcome also to those practicing Catholics interested in sharing their faith with others, and those NEW to the Catholic Church who are interested to learn more. The RCIA program will continue from the first Saturday in October through to next June 2022. You are all most welcome to come along to Hartley Hall each Saturday after the 6:30pm Mass and find out more - Refreshments and enrolment forms will be available.

  • Catechises, Formation and Evangelization Teams in Holy Cross: anyone who would like to join these teams, please contact Fr Antony.

  • Our Newsletter is available by visiting our webpage with updates on how and when to register for the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and RCIA
Please take a copy of the Newsletter home with you - please do not leave it in the church. Thank you.


URGENT: COVID-19 Update-> Holy Cross Church is OPEN
COVID SECURITY GUIDELINES : Following the recent changes(Monday 19 July) in the regulations from the Government, the parish has issued updated guidelines for continued safe and covid-secure worship in the church.The latest document is Covid-19 Route Map - Step 4

  • Please note that the Mass times have been reviewed : See below (Mass Times and Intentions)
All the Masses will be live-streamed: https://holy-cross-stream.click2stream.com

  • Until the End of the Pandemic:
  1. Please ensure you sanitise your hands as you enter and leave the church.
  2. 9pm for Night Prayer [every day except Saturday]: In this Pandemic, let us pray together as God’s family and receive His blessings before going to sleep.
   Please invite your family also to join prayer. Meeting ID: 7578777461; Passcode: 20212021.

  • Welcome Ministers: As the number of Covid 19/Flu cases are expected to rise during the winter, let us now be ready to safeguard our people in our church. Along with welcoming the people, we will issue the parish newsletter wearing gloves, and ask everyone to sanitize their hands as they enter/exit the church. We shall guide parishioners up for Communion as in the past, and after Mass will sanitize the benches and areas frequently touched. Could I ask all Welcome Ministers to remain in Church after Mass for a short meeting. Many thanks for your commitment and sacrifice.

  • The Holy Mass is offered everyday  via Livestream
  • Diamond Club Magazine is available here

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