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Week starting on the 04th March 2018

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208 Sangley Road
Catford, London, SE6 2JS
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Email: parish@holycross-catford.org.uk
Website: www.holycross-catford.org.uk
Part of RC Archdiocese of Southwark
Registered charity number: 235468
Parish Priest: Fr Doug Bull
Monday-Thursday: 9.15am
Friday 8pm
Saturday:  6.30pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: 10.00am & 11.30am
Reconciliation: Saturday 6pm
Culverley Road, SE6 2LD
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Email: parish@holycross-catford.org.uk
Our Lady, help of Christians, Beulieu, Grenada
The Community of Ahotokurom, Ghana.
Mrs Mary Baldwin
Tel: 020 8698 3672
Email: parish@holycross-catford.org.uk
Headteacher: Miss Mary Collins
Tel: 020 8698 2675  Fax: 020 8697 7137
Email : info@holycross.lewisham.sch.uk
Website : www.holycross.lewisham.sch.uk
St Vincent De Paul Number
Safeguarding Line
Special Ministers of Holy Communion
This weekend 1st Sunday (3rd/4th March)
 6.30pm Lesley Allen, Pat Monaghan, Vacant.
1) Malcolm Jones 2) Eunice Conroy P) Pat Barber
10am Iotha Lorde, Marigold Okor, Kathleen O’Sullivan, Shirine Sukran, Rafel Skrzyp
1) Amos Kong 2) Lisa O’Hara P) Kesia Palmer
11.30am Jude Ibe, Anne Mellis, Cynthia Myers, Emanuele Vitale, Errol Palmer
1) Ngozi Adedj, 2) Vacant 3) Vacant
Next weekend 2nd Sunday (10th/11th March)
6.30pm Myra Hannon,  Mariam Philomin, Prema Louth.
1) UCM, 2) UCM, P) UCM
10am Joe Baptiste, Caroline Cleary, Ossie Folkes, Cyril Mbaeri, Ray Williams.
1) Kimberley Kong, 2) Ashley Lench P) Pat O’Sullivan
11.30 Jerome, Adedji, Mary Lewis, Vincent Okonji, John Walsh, Rosa Candita Simpkins.
2) Frank Afful, P) Mitchelle Mbaeri
FINANCE    £ 1083.99       Many Thanks

Sat       6.30 pm Wendy Farrelly RIP (Hannon)
Sun     3rd Sunday of Lent (3rd/4th March)
           10.00 Elizabeth Zeblu RIP &
                     Dago Otchre – Dago
           10am Welcome Woodrow Folkes-Hannon
           11.30 Felix Rajan Tharasingham RIP
           11.30 Welcome Nicolo Thomas Pearce
           12.30 Baptism   Nicolo Thomas Pearce
Mon     9.15 Theresa Green RIP (Hubbard)
           9.40 Rosary
Tue     9.15 Patrick Doyle (mini vinnies)
           9.40 Rosary
Wed    8.50 Rosary
9.15 Tom O’Donohue (Green)
9.40 Divine Mercy
Thur    9.15 Matt Cleary RIP (Cleary)
           9.40 Rosary
Fri        7.30 Stations of the Cross
           8pm Margaret Lauchrey (Lewis)
Sat       6.30 Sienna Narenthia (UCM)
Sun    4th Sunday of Lent (10th/11th March)
           10.00 Mary Monaghan RIP (Monaghan)
           11.30 Priest’s Private Intention
          12.30 Baptism Woodrow John Folkes-Hannon
Please pray for those whom our Ministers visit with HOLY COMMUNION:
Clifford Aristide, James Barlow, Mary Barry, Jean Briggs, Rose Calver, Ellesdene Edwards,  Elizabeth Marie Forde,  Eileen Embury, Dr Musu Goba, Elizabeth Goba, Theresa Harney, Peter Hughes, William Keogh, Agatha Lewis, Gala Lobo Anthony Marshall,  Ivy Mulroney, Susan Murphy,   Florence Nosegbe, Celia Ndeley,  Calvin & Eleanor Martin, Mabel Martin, Charity Oparaji, Josephine Patterson, Rex Phillips,  Anthony Renouf, Casimar Santhiapillai, Viveca Simmons, Irene Stone, Bridget Sullivan, Genevieve Stanislaus, Vera Pollock, Sheila Tagg, Patricia Vesey, Ann Whitington, Dennis Williams
Ossie went to Bishops Conference, who are funding training for volunteers, on Wednesday to present the project. We had a lovely time at the last session - good company, good fun, good food and a mixture of relaxation and exercise. Next session 15th March, details to follow. Why not try it out? All are very welcome.
STATIONS OF THE CROSS Each Friday evening at 7.30pm. The SVP Group will be leading the Stations of the Cross this Friday at 7.30pm. The following Friday the First Holy Communion Group will lead There is also Friday evening Mass at 8pm particularly for those who are working during the week and want to make a personal effort.

Session 1 was cancelled due to the weather. Please come along next Wednesday to Journey with Mary. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Check website or parish office on Wednesday if there is no change in the weather.
Equally, session 1 of this course was postponed and will start on Thursday 8th March. For further info contact pierpaolofinaldi@gmail.com
Special Ministers have an important ministry to fulfil in our parish. Ministers distributes communion at Mass, some take communion to the sick or housebound, all benefit from serving the Lord in a very special way that allows them to deepen their personal encounter with the Lord. Please think about whether you can offer yourself to this ministry within the church.  If you think you would be suitable to be a Special Minister please speak to Fr. Doug after Mass
There will be formation and training for new Special Ministers on Saturday 24th March at 5pm in the church. This will allow for Special Ministers to take part in the Diocesan commissioning at Aylesford on 5th May.
Another important ministry within our parish is that of Reader or proclaimer of the Word of God. Have you thought about offering yourself to proclaim the word of God and joining a rota?  There will be a training and formation session for those interested on Tuesday 13th March at 7.30pm in the Church.
Could you give a little of your time to the Holy Cross St Vincent de Paul Society?  If so, we would be delighted to hear from you.  The Holy Cross SVP group aims to provide practical help and support to people in need.  We raise funds to meet emergencies, and we help with companionship, transport, and access to food banks etc.
For further information and details of how you might become involved (DBS checks will be required)  please ring us on:   07835 188411
St George’s Cathedral 16th June 2018 If you are celebrating your 1st / 10th/ 25th/ 40th/ 50th/ 60th + wedding anniversary this year, please write your names as soon as possible on the form at  the back of the Church.  Please   write very clearly so you can receive an invitation from the Archbishop.
If you want to join the March course please submit your application form to the parish office by next weekend.
Lenten Prayer Journal
Have you been keeping up with the weekly thought? This is how one of our parishioners responded to last week’s prompts.
Phrase:         “His clothes became dazzlingly white, whiter than any earthly bleacher could make them.”
Why it affected me: Because it stood out and I became aware that, something of great valour is taking place.
What might God be saying to you: To take special note of his son Jesus.
What might you want to say to God: to help me grow in my walk with his Son Jesus and empower me spiritually, as I walk with my cross in his path.
Times or events in which you have felt clarity or certainty in your vision, your direction or in your faith: There have been many times and events in my life when I have listened to and followed the still voice of God instead of Medical Advice. God’s voice has always prevailed.
                        Heavenly Father, I thank you for all these God – given graces. I pray you continue to Guide and Direct my path so that I can survive the more common experiences of confusion, doubt and uncertainty that plague our world today. Amen.
What wall have you erected between you and God?
How will you remove that barrier?
Gospel Reflection The Gospel story of Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple, is a familiar story. The prophets Jeremiah, Zechariah and Malachi prophesied that when the Kingdom of God was at hand, the Temple would be cleansed of all activities unworthy of an encounter with God. Christians are often referred to as “Temples of the Lord.” As stewards of a “Holy Temple” God has entrusted to each one of us, what are we doing to be cleansed of activities unworthy of an encounter with the Lord? This week, reflect on one thing you can do to cleanse the Temple God has given you so that it becomes a more inviting home for Christ Jesus.

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