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This area has been covered at Holy Cross for about four years, and attempts to function at both worldwide, and local level.
In this way, we report back to the Parish on events such as The Synod of The Family in Rome (2015), The Jubilee Year of Mercy (Dec 2015 – Nov 2016), and their impact on Church Teaching, with specific reference to ‘Amoris Laetitia’ (The Joy of Love), a post synodal apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis on love in the family (published April 2016).
At local Parish level, our work is displayed through presentations/discussions with various groups in the Parish, notably the RCIA, as well as sessions that are open to the whole Parish. In these we have used various studies and learning aids as a starting point for our talks, for example the ‘Home is a Holy Place’ and ‘Life in Christ’ Dvd’s.
In a similar way, we report back on local events outside the Parish that impact on our subject matter. A good example of this was Father Tom’s presentation on Family Life and Marriage at Our Lady of Lourdes in Lee, following the Deanery Mass in the Summer of this year. In his presentation, Father Tom focused on the Fourth Chapter of ‘Amoris Laetitia’, there being nine chapters contained in the document.
Though we are always subjected to the constraints of time, it is fair to say we have held many thought provoking sessions, and though we can’t provide all the answers, we have encouraged people to think about the subject matter, and many have gained positives, and gone on to delve deeper in their own time into some of the matters discussed.

Rob Dunbar
November 2015.
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