Sunday 21st Aug 2022 : 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Holy Cross Church Catford
Holy Cross Church Catford
Holy Cross Church Catford
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Sunday 21st Aug 2022 : 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Published by AFAN in News · 21 August 2022

208 Sangley Road, Catford, London SE6 2JS
Fr Antony Megalan Sellam [Parish Priest] – 02086983672

Parish Contacts
Parish Office is Open
(Tuesday and Thursday)
10am - 3pm
020 8698 3672
Josepha Flahive  
Lisa O’Hara  

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
Holy Cross  Bookshop, 020 3441 8240

Holy Cross School
[020  8698 2675]
Miss Mary Collins

St Vincent De Paul [SVP]    07835 188411
Safeguarding  Line 07598 524024
Pat Barber and Kate Cleevely - [email protected]
Third Thursday Time TTT
Hartley Hall [Tony Early]
Culverley Road, SE6  2LD

Newsletter matters to be sent to [email protected] by Wednesday

Sunday 21st Aug 2022 : 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

You can find the Readings from here

The question for us today is whether we are among those who strive to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Each of us can rejoice in the fact that we have been invited. We have been offered the gift of faith with its expectations. We can rejoice that Jesus walks with us each step of the way. Our task is to be attentive, to listen for the Lord and to respond with our continued “Yes, Lord” to our daily invitations.

This is our task: not knocking and asking to enter but turning the knob on our side of the door; walking toward the gate by “striving” to identify with the mind and heart of our master. Striving to live like Jesus is what we are called to do.
Fr Antony

  • Our Newsletter is available by visiting our webpage with updates on how and when to register for the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and RCIA
Please take a copy of the Newsletter home with you - please do not leave it in the church. Thank you.

  • Money Matters (Loose Collections) Mass Offerings: £558 Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

  • Mass Intentions: There are several unfilled slots for Mass Intentions going forward. If you wish to have a loved one remembered or celebrate another occasion please let the Parish Office know at 02086983672 [Tuesdays and Thursdays] or [email protected], or fill out a brown Mass Intention Envelope which is available in the side porch, and hand to any of the Welcome Ministers.

  • Important Days in September
  1. Parish Feast: We will celebrate our Parish Feast [The Exaltation of the Holy Cross] this year on Sunday 11 September at 11.30am Mass. Bishop Paul Hendriks will be the main celebrant. We would like to commission all who are involved in different missions of the parish during the feast day week. More information to follow.
  2. Parish Pastoral Council: the first meeting of Holy Cross Parish Pastoral Council will be held on Saturday 17 September from 10am to 4pm. It will be a day of prayer and reflection for the Council members. More news to follow from the first week of September.
  3. Children Liturgy Catechists Meeting and Training: we are going to begin our Children’s Liturgy in October. There will be training session for the catechists on Sunday 18 September after the 9am Mass. Sr Irena, from the Holy Family Sisters, Stockwell, will lead this session.

  • School Signing In: If you have children of school age who require a parish priest reference for their school application, please note that from Saturday 21st May you will need to complete the signing in sheets that will be available at the school side entrance only, every week after.


COVID SECURITY GUIDELINES : Following the recent changes(Friday 10 dec) in the regulations from the Government, the parish has issued updated guidelines for continued safe and covid-secure worship in the church.The latest document is Guidances for Churches December 2021

  • Please note that the Mass times have been reviewed : See below (Mass Times and Intentions)
All the Masses will be live-streamed:

  • With respect to the current situation with the omicron variant it is important to ensure the following points are followed in our churches:
 That people displaying any symptoms of covid-19 should stay at home and not travel to church or participate in person.

  • The Holy Mass is offered everyday  via Livestream

  • Diamond Club Magazine is available here

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